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bitsIO Splunk Services – An In-Depth Guide


As businesses increasingly depend on innovations and big data, exploring how a Splunk partner can be instrumental in defending companies against the evolving attack surface targeting their systems is essential. 

These emerging attack vectors thrive off an organization’s mismanaged data and hastily implemented innovation strategies. Unfortunately, numerous SMEs and large enterprises that lack the proper expertise and experience to mitigate these issues suffer from devastating attacks that result in severe financial, operational, and reputational consequences.

On the other hand, a Splunk partner can enable businesses to leverage all their data sources to collect actionable insights that could help solve their most pressing business problems, discover lucrative opportunities and proactively safeguard themselves against existing and emerging threats. 

These Splunk MSPs offer enterprises a contextual service that enables businesses to maximize their investment at a reasonable price. An excellent Splunk service should provide real-time visibility into the health and performance of integrated tech stacks and swiftly identify and mitigate any problems. 

bitsIO, recognized as Splunk Partner of the Year for the last two consecutive years, is a Splunk service provider with a proven track record in helping businesses to securely foster innovation by providing them with a comprehensive view of their data security and observability. Our Splunk services proactively protect SMEs and large organization data from increasingly complex attack vectors. 

This article aims to explore some of bitsIO’s essential Splunk on-demand services and how it is successfully helping clients at over a hundred different locations.  

What is Splunk?

Before we explore what bitsIO’s Splunk offerings are, let us first try and understand what Splunk is, its usage, and how your organization can benefit from it. 

Definition and explanation of Splunk

Originating from the term “spelunking,” used to describe the hobby of cave exploration, Splunk is instead a metaphor used to refer to exploring data caves. It is a data software platform that empowers businesses to monitor, search, index, and correlate big data to generate security alerts, visualizations, and reports. 

Examples of how businesses use Splunk

Through Splunk, the index logs of enterprise data are stored in data containers. Using a web-based search engine format, Splunk can easily retrieve these logs from within the system infrastructure. 

It further leverages machine data to identify and diagnose problems by studying data patterns. Splunk analyzes these patterns to provide the proper metrics and intelligence to mitigate the issues and enhance business operations.

Benefits of using Splunk

Organizations’ physical and virtual IT infrastructures in today’s data-driven world are constantly subject to sophisticated attacks. It is an excellent service to identify and mitigate critical events before significant damages occur. 

Splunk is a beneficial service that monitors the IT infrastructure in real-time to identify potential events swiftly. Upon the unfortunate occurrence of such an event, Splunk can instantaneously alert the organization and provide it with the necessary event management tools to eliminate or minimize potential damages. 

bitsIO Splunk Services

Now that we have established what Splunk is and the potential problems it can help businesses avert, let us dive into bitsIO’s unique Splunk offerings. 

Overview of the Splunk services offered by bitsIO

Here are the bitsIO’s five essential Splunk services: 

Splunk Professional Services

bitsIO recognizes the importance of creating an environment that drives business intelligence. Our team of experts helps businesses create such an environment by assessing and optimizing your organization’s IT architecture, configurations, and security. 

Our professional Splunk team has successfully provided its services and delivered increased Splunk value and ROI to enterprises of varying sizes across numerous industries. 

Splunk Managed Services

Our Splunk management service allows businesses to focus solely on the Splunk management infrastructure, while bitsIO bears the resource-heavy task of managing all Splunk components and underlying IT infrastructure. 

bitsIO manages its Splunk operations entirely through a cloud environment. We provide these services through an on-demand model, allowing businesses to seek assistance when necessary. 

Splunk Observability Suite

Our state-of-the-art observability suite uses predictive analytics that leverages your data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to detect events based on historical data. Our observability suite also provides root cause analysis to identify the vulnerabilities or causes of potential events. 

The observability suite’s Splunk offerings include infrastructure monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring (APM), log observer, Real User Monitoring (RUM), synthetic monitoring, and on-call. 

Splunker on Staff

We recognized the resource burden businesses face to identify, train, and manage Splunk professionals. That is why we decided to help companies save time and money by offering our Splunk power users, admins, and consultants to clients as dedicated full-time team members readily available to customers whenever the need arises. 

Splunk Solutions on Demand

bitsIO’s on-demand subscription solution provides a simple way for businesses to gain access to Splunk experts with prices as less as 30-minute increments as per their convenience. We have split our on-demand solutions into the following four tiers:

  • Level 1 – 4 hours
  • Level 2 – 8 hours 
  • Level 3 – 16 hours 
  • Level 4 – 32 hours

Irrespective of whether you have simple queries or require complete infrastructure analysis, our experts are available to address your needs thoroughly. 

Description of Splunk implementation and customizable services

Let’s dive into some of our customer-centric implementation and customizable add-on services.

Implementation services

The subscription plans for our implementations services are as follows:

  • Small
  • 2 Weeks 
  • License for up to a 100GB
  • Up to 10 Splunk Certified Technology Add-ons (TA)
  • 2 Custom Data Sources
  • Medium
  • 4 Weeks 
  • License for up to a 500GB
  • Up to 20 Certified Technology Add-ons (TA)
  • 5 Custom Data Sources
  • Large
  • 8 Weeks 
  • License for upto 1TB 
  • Up to 40 Certified Technology Add-ons (TA)
  • 10 Custom Data Sources

Customizable add-on booster services

bitsIO’s Splunk boost services from the lowest tier will help you devise a healthy remediation plan that effectively addresses any events and improves your overall Splunk experience. 

Here are the three boost plans we provide and their offerings:

  • Silver
  • Includes a one-week health check of a Splunk environment 
  • Remediation suggestions for any findings
  • A summary report 
  • Gold
  • Includes all services provided in the Splunk Silver Boost Services
  • An additional 15 days of remote professional services for remediation 
  • Platinum
  • Includes all services provided in the Splunk Silver Boost Services 
  • An additional 60 days of remote professional services 
  • Six months of Splunk Solutions on Demand – Level 1

Our goal is to ensure Splunk is running in its optimized state while constantly identifying areas for improvement to ensure long-term success. 

Description of Splunk training and support services

bitsIO’s Splunk training and support services can point you in the right direction toward fully optimizing your ROI. We provide a one-day Kickstart program to allow organizations to get the most out of their Splunk platform. 

Through our stagewise program, we begin by analyzing your Splunk environment and then gauge your search performance and data ingest. 

After this, we ensure you utilize the best searches and time stamp practices. We then create and provide you with a summary report, including the next steps you must take based on our findings. 

In the final stage, we provide our top recommendations on leveraging Splunk to its full potential.

To wrap up,

bitsIO can provide your business with a managed and cost-effective Splunk offering that eliminates the complexities and risks of a self-managed environment. We manage every aspect of your Splunk components and cloud environment’s infrastructure to provide real-time visibility into your enterprise’s data security. 

Contact us to book your free assessment today.