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bitsIO has served over 250 Enterprise clients, assisting them in transforming big data into actionable insights – securing their entire IT ecosystem, operations and infrastructure in the process.

What We Offer

Agile Data Solutions: Drive Innovation, Eliminate Hurdles. 

With bitsIO, you can…   

Boost Efficiency
Automate tedious tasks and eliminate manual drudgery, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Access Quality Implementation Services
 Optimize your security operations with our expert Splunk managed services. Enhance your AI and data science initiatives for unparalleled business outcomes. Strengthen your cybersecurity defenses with our Horizon3.ai services. 

Gain Comprehensive Insight
Utilize our expertise to set up monitoring and assessment for all your assets, including attack surfaces in your cloud.  

Experience Seamless Integration
Benefit from our seamless integration services, ensuring your platforms work cohesively. Achieve operational efficiency with interconnected Splunk, Databricks, and Horizon3.ai. 

Receive Expert Guidance and Support
Rely on our experienced team for expert guidance and support throughout your data journey. Tap into our knowledge base to navigate the complexities of Splunk, Databricks, and Horizon3.ai. 

Achieve Cost-Effective Solutions
Maximize your ROI with our cost-effective solutions for Splunk, Databricks, and Horizon3.ai. 

bitsIO & Splunk

We’ve been recognized as the Splunk Partner of the Year for two consecutive years, and this year we received the prestigious title of the 2023 Global Social Impact Partner of the Year by Splunk. We’ve got the expertise in the form of our certified Splunk professionals who engage in a diverse range of Splunk services, including – MSP, MSSP, Splunk professionals on demand, Splunk professional services and Splunk observability suite.

Bitsio & Databricks

Our team’s expertise with big data has enabled us to provide quality databricks implementation services to handle management, security, and governance for all cloud environments. With Bitsio, you can leverage Databricks to process these extremely large datasets resulting in improved content recommendation, classification, etc while reducing infrastructure costs.

Bitsio & Horizon 3

We are focussed on providing quality Horizon 3 implementation services to give you complete insight into your organization’s security posture. With Bitsio, you can set up monitoring and assessment for all your assets – from attack surfaces in your cloud infrastructure to in-house infrastructure – enabling you to quickly find and remedy internal and external vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Get Your Security Assessment Done Now.

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    bitsIO is a leading team of security and observability experts specializing in helping businesses implement and optimize Splunk, Horizon3, and Databricks solutions. 

        We offer a wide range of services, including: 

    • Splunk managed services, implementation consulting, training, support, services, etc. 
    • Horizon3 services: on-boarding, threat detection, vulnerability management, etc. 
    • Databricks services: architecture, migration, optimization, etc. 
    • Security services: incident response, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, etc. 

    We work with businesses of all sizes and across various industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, technology, and more. 

    • We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who are passionate about helping our clients succeed. 
    • We offer a flexible and customized approach to meet your specific needs. 
    • We are committed to delivering results and ensuring your satisfaction. 

    Splunk is a software platform for searching, analyzing, and visualizing machine-generated data from various sources. 

    Yes, bitsIO offers Databricks implementation services that can help organizations in their cloud migration journey. Our expertise in handling big data and ensuring security and governance in various cloud environments can support organizations in a smooth and successful migration.   

    Horizon3 is a leading XDR platform designed to enhance your security posture. Visit our Horizon3 page for more details on its capabilities and compatibility: https://www.bitsioinc.com/horizon3/ 

    Databricks can help you accelerate your data-driven initiatives, improve your data management, and gain valuable insights from your data. 

    We offer a variety of Databricks services, including architecture, AI/ML solutions, migration, and optimization. 

    Visit our website at www.bitsioinc.com, read our blogs or contact us directly.