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Data Access and Collaboration: Exploring the Latest Changes in Splunk Mobile

Evolving Data Access and Collaboration: Exploring the Latest Changes in Splunk Mobile

Your data journey with Splunk just got a brilliant upgrade. Toss away the traditional constraints because, with the latest enhancements announced at Splunk.conf22, Splunk Mobile is your passport to an exciting exploration of insights. 

With all our high-end mobile devices that we have, using Splunk on Mobile couldn’t get better than this. With Splunk Mobile, you can access and collaborate on data insights promptly from any corner of the world.

Read here how your phone can connect you to even more data powered by Splunk. 

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Splunk Mobile is an advanced support for Splunk reports. This feature allows users to save and schedule Splunk searches for future execution, providing a streamlined approach to data analysis. The app now includes a dedicated section for accessing both scheduled and unscheduled reports, with intuitive filters for all, scheduled, or favorited reports, enhancing the ease of use and accessibility for frequent reports.

The Splunk Mobile Real User Monitoring (RUM) is designed to extend Splunk’s capabilities in monitoring customer experience to native mobile applications. This tool is handy for mobile app developers and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), as it helps analyze and pinpoint customer issues when using iOS and Android applications. The demonstration video on Splunk’s website provides an overview of how to start with Splunk RUM. It includes sharing the code a mobile developer would need to integrate with the Open Telemetry agent​. 

Innovative Web-to-Mobile Dashboard Sharing

The “Web-to-Mobile Dashboard Sharing” feature in Splunk Mobile operational as of 2023. This feature allows seamless sharing of dashboards between Splunk Web and Mobile, facilitating quick access to data analysis on mobile devices. This feature not only simplifies access to vital data insights but also encourages collaborative data-driven decision-making, regardless of location.

To use this feature, users need to download the Splunk Mobile app, activate the Splunk Secure Gateway (SSG) app, and enable JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Sharing dashboards via this method involves opening a dashboard in View mode, selecting the ‘View on Mobile’ option from the Actions dropdown, and then scanning the QR code presented. This process automatically logs the user into the instance and displays the dashboard on their mobile device​​. 

As part of the Splunk Cloud Platform 9.0.2209 updates, there has been an enhancement in the viewing of Dashboard Studio and Classic dashboards on Splunk Mobile. Each dashboard comes with a scannable QR code that, when scanned, automatically registers users, and displays the dashboard on their mobile device. This update aims to provide analysts with faster troubleshooting, enhanced drill-down capabilities, and streamlined access to dashboards​​. 

Grid View for Classic Dashboards

Responding to user feedback, Splunk Mobile has introduced a new grid view for Classic Dashboards. This update provides an alternative to the list view, offering a more organized and visually appealing way to navigate through dashboard panels. This flexibility ensures that users can choose the view that best suits their preferences and needs, enhancing the overall user experience.

Scheduled Report Notifications

Another significant enhancement is the introduction of notifications for scheduled reports. This feature replaces the traditional email notifications with mobile alerts, informing users when the results of their scheduled reports are ready for review. With the ability to review results directly in the app as native visualizations and tables, this update streamlines the process of staying informed about critical data updates. 

Impact on Business Operations

These updates to Splunk Mobile highlight the platform’s commitment to evolving alongside the needs of its users. By enhancing reporting capabilities, introducing innovative sharing features, offering flexible dashboard views, and streamlining notifications, Splunk Mobile is paving the way for more efficient and collaborative data analysis experiences. In an environment where timely data access and collaboration are key, these updates position Splunk Mobile as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to leverage data for informed decision-making. 

We encourage you to explore these new features in your business context.
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