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bitsIO Joins Splunk4Good to Give Back


Like other businesses around the globe, bitsIO has been impacted by the coronavirus and the need to work from home. Yes, our business has suffered, but rather than focus on what’s lost, we decided to focus on making a difference and helping others at no extra charge. 

As a trusted provider of enterprise security solutions, we knew that we could help clients improve their security posture overall. And, with more people than ever working from home right now, we knew it was critical to be able to implement these improvements right away.

bitsIO helped Central Florida Medical Centers maximize their existing Splunk footprint by onboarding more data sources. This allows them to process more machine data using Splunk, producing greater log data analytics. They can now monitor their network for security alerts, improper connections and generally improve their overall security posture. They now have better visibility into who is accessing their servers and who is on their network. 

With data collection implemented from various servers, routers, switches and their firewall, Central Florida Medical Centers have better safeguarded their critical devices and overall organizational infrastructure. The bitsIO team was able to accomplish this within a day. Imagine what we could do in a week? bitsIO was delighted to assist Central Florida Medical Centers considering the current health crisis confronting the United States. 

Donating four days of bitsIO time, we helped Benefits Data Trust set up their Splunk solution using best practices and industry standards. The biggest challenge they faced was the large amount of data, and they needed to be able to ensure that all of this data was secure from external threats. Since they have a large amount of confidential patient data like PHI/PII, and they needed to be able to receive sensitive information from several advanced platforms and sources, we recognized the importance of a secure solution such as Splunk. 

We were able to upgrade them to a multi-tier setup and expand the data sources they were able to process. We also were able to provide solutions to give them greater insight and protection in the areas of network traffic, threat detection and authentication. Finally, we helped improve their malware detection and prevention on endpoints. 

Doing Good in Difficult Times

These charitable projects are in line with the Splunk4Good program, which is designed to encourage positive change in the world. The driving principle of this initiative is to have a greater effect on the community through volunteer work and giving back. 

As a Splunk Elite Partner, bitsIO is happy to be able to do our bit to help make the world a better place. We hope all of our customers, as well as those they serve, stay safe and stay healthy during this unusual time.