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AWS Splunk: A step by step guide to empowering collaborative community learning

Two skills in One. Yes, learn both AWS and Splunk fundamentals in just this one session.

AWS and Splunk fundamentals portal
Splunk BSides Presentation

This session has been devised to empower community members and groups to learn Splunk collaboratively. The knowledge gained in this session will allow community members to collaborate, run study groups, user groups, lunch and learn. Thanks to Splunk BSides Community for this opportunity.

This session will walk through the entire process of using AWS to create varying Splunk environments for practice and learning. It will also ensure that the costs can be kept to an absolute minimum with scheduled scripts to stop and start the instances.

Most importantly, this session covers various technologies/topics as mentioned below:

  • Working with AWS Console
  • Spinning up Cloud Instances
  • Setting up your own DNS Entries
  • Introduction to AWS Lambda Functions

There is a dedicated GitHub repository containing all the code and commands to be able to recreate all of the steps from the session and also a free DNS provision. This is located at https://github.com/SplunkStudyClub/splunk-on-aws

Here is the Webinar Recording of Step by Step Instructions AWS/Splunk Implementation: