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Splunk managed services

Splunk administration

Our month-by-month service will ensure we manage every aspect of the administration of Splunk on your behalf. That extends from troubleshooting on-demand to analyzing and running reports to keep you up to date with how the software is working.

Health and security checks

We also conduct regular health and security checks. Our deep understanding of Splunk allows us to identify problems before they even happen, so your business is always managing data at maximum capacity without hitting any stumbling blocks along the way.

On-demand services

We know that companies aren’t stagnant; they change and they grow and they even transform. With our managed services, you’ll never have any problem selecting the services that you need, when you need them, with our extensive catalogue of on-demand options.

New data on-boarding

As your company grows, you’ll continue to collect more and more data, and that data will need to be onboarded into the Splunk System. We take care of that with our new data on-boarding services, so you can stay focused on the goals of your company.

Architecting and enhancements

Just as Splunk software is scalable to meet your needs so is our service. As our Splunk consultants manage the software we will also constantly be analyzing where you could grow and integrate new services, add-ons and apps as well as where you can trim the fat to make sure your Splunk license is always the exact one for your needs.

Education and training

As part of our managed services, we offer in-depth Splunk training to help you and your employees maximize their understanding of the software. Just like our design and implementation, our education and training are tailored to your company and your specific Splunk components. During training, your employees will work with real Splunk data for hands-on experience in a safe environment.

Make us a part of your team! Let us manage your Splunk administration for maximum benefits.

How can our Splunk managed services help you?

Many of our clients opt to benefit from our comprehensive managed services in addition to our professional services so they know their Splunk administration is always in safe hands.

Often our clients, both large and small, lack that have niche Splunk expertise in-house or have busy system administrators who don’t have the time to take on new responsibilities, so they turn to our managed services.

At bitsIO we work as part of your team, taking on the month-by-month administration to keep Splunk running efficiently so you can maximize its benefits. Our Splunk technical supportcovers everything from deep analysis and reporting to health checks, troubleshooting andand onboarding as well as managing upgrades and enhancements. With our Splunk consultants as part of your team, you will get the most out of your machine data.

Splunk is an amazing tool for operational intelligence and enhancing your company’s ability to react in real-time to actionable information. But it is also a nuanced and complicated platform, and the best way to maximize your ROI is by partnering with a team of trained and certified Splunk Managed Service Providers who are certified implementation specialists. When you partner with us, the services we provide include:


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