Project Details

Retail Giant Grows Revenue with Splunk


This retail giant comes in first for revenue growth with Splunk

The popular American multinational corporation is known around the world for its high-quality sportswear, footwear and equipment. While customer is one of the highest grossing sportswear companies in the world, it also realized it needed to increase the speed of its revenue growth if it wanted to stay ahead in the game.

The solution?

To do this, Customer used Splunk to monitor online sales data and convert it into actional information that customer could use to better target consumers and grow revenue. And enlisted bitsIO to implement Splunk Enterprise on the Cloud to make achieving their revenue goals possible. At bitsIO, we also offer Customer our managed Splunk services, ensuring their Splunk system is healthy and functioning at its highest capacity.


Our Strategies

Use vast experience we have in both technology and domain to provide more customized solutions to their business needs.


Our Challenges

Infrastructure and Operations has been challenged with influx of data into Splunk and also volume spikes during special events.


Our Success

Customer had all data ingested for analytics by re-architecting the solution using best practices, stream line the usage policies, data governance etc.