Project Details

Online Merchant Reduces Web Service Costs

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This Online Merchant reduces the cost of web services

The world’s largest online retailer was spending too much on its Amazon Web Services. It needed to figure out away to continue providing the same stellar customer service, wide selection of products and ultra-fast delivery, while spending less money to maintain its position at the forefront of online retail.

The solution?

Splunk Enterprise and IT Service Intelligence have helped many large corporations do just the same. This customer enlisted bitsIO to implement Splunk Enterprise and ITSI, and to customize it specifically to monitor the Amazon Web Services. The information this customer gleaned from monitoring the AWS Cloud has helped it optimize its cloud utilization, allowing it to spend less while still offering fast delivery of high-quality goods.


Our Strategies

Implementing ITSI Services


Our Challenges

Cloud Services that were not properly setup & governed


Our Success

Optimize Cloud Utilization and Save Money