Project Details

Large Eatery Chain Profits Boosted Using Splunk

Eatery Chain

Largest Eatery Chain gives its profits a boost

This Eatery Chain is America’s and the world’s favorite eatery company, known for great service and even better food. This customer needed to find a way to increase its profits, without damaging their reputation as the best place to enjoy a coffee in every city.

The solution?

This customer decided to implement Splunk Enterprise and Enterprise Security to help in its mission to increase profits – it is the fastest way to take a data-led approach, aggregating and analyzing data through machine learning and real-time visibility.This powerful software needs strong expertise in order to make the most of all the functions and insights it can deliver. So bitsIO helped them with the full implementation process. As a result, the coffee company was able to onboard data, set up correlations, monitor its spending, and run easily digestible reports to let them see exactly where they were spending unnecessary money. Now that a permanent system in place didn’t only improve their sales, but will help keep them up going forward.


Our Strategies

Use our expertise in both Splunk Core products


Our Challenges

Both retail and online infrastructure needed to be secured


Our Success

Secured and stable infrastructure for business continuity