Project Details

Chip Manufacturer's Security Increased with Splunk


Chip Manufacturer ups its security

This customer is one of the world’s most important sources for data and innovation in the world of PCs. It needs a fast, efficient and secure system that can always be relied on to function at 100%.

The solution?

To ensure continued high function, it decided to contract Splunk Enterprise, Enterprise Security and ITService Intelligence. With such a range of different software, it is important to ensure you have the right expertise to maximize investment. Contracting bitsIO to help with implementation we helped them begin real-time security posture monitoring so that they could reinforce the controls they have in place to protect from cyberattacks, better manage their defenses and recover faster from security events. We continue to provide them with a Service Level Agreement, with which we regularly monitor application and cluster health, ensuring that now and going forward their systems are always functioning at their highest level.


Our Strategies

Splunk Enterprise, Enterprise Security and ITService Intelligence


Our Challenges

Various home grown applications and monitor applications for vulnerabilities and keeping all applications meet SLA.


Our Success

All applications secure and each team gets real time visibility and free from vulnerabilities.