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bitsIO Managed Security Services

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Security Monitoring & Alerting

Our service provides a managed Security Information  and Event Management (SIEM) system to aggregate and correlate data from your security feeds.  By leveraging MITRE ATT&CK and Risk Based Alerting we significantly improve the ability to detect, triage, and investigate incidents and reduce the overall risk to your business

On Demand Services

We know that companies aren’t stagnant; they change and they grow and they even transform. With our managed security services, we continuously assess your security posture and adjust our service to address the threats facing your business. You’ll never have any problem selecting the services that you need, when you need them, with our extensive catalogue of on-demand options.

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Security Use Cases

We guide your journey to mature security operations.  Our deep understanding of Splunk allows us to turn your data into insights and insights into increased effectiveness of security monitoring, advanced threat detection, investigations and forensics,  and incident response.   

New data on-boarding

All data is security is security data.  As your company grows, your risk profile will change requiring  more and more data for to correlate and analyze for effective security operations.  We take care of that with our new data on-boarding services, so you can stay focused on the goals of your company.

Architecting and enhancements

Splunk security solutions are scalable to meet your needs so is our service. As our Splunk security consultants manage your security operations, we will also constantly be analyzing where you could grow and integrate new services, add-ons and apps as well as where you can trim the fat to make sure your Splunk platform is always the exact one for your security needs.

Education and training

As part of our managed services, we offer in-depth Splunk training to help you and your employees maximize their understanding of the platform. Just like our design and implementation, our education and training are tailored to your company and your specific Splunk components. During training, your employees will work with real Splunk data for hands-on experience in a safe environment.

Service Overview

bitsIO offers a Managed Security Service (MSS) which provides 24/7/365 security monitoring / alerting, threat investigation,  and security response capabilities. The service enables an organization to identify, protect, detect, respond its assets from advanced cyber threats.  MDR is built upon Splunk security solutions and is delivered with the administration, architecture, and deployment expertise of the bitsIO managed security services team.

MSS effectively enables the following security functions:

  • Identify – Discover the devices, systems, and facilities that enable your company to achieve its goals. MSS works with you to assess the importance of these assets to your business and assigns a risk profile to the assets to enable a risk based security strategy.

  • Protect - Implement security use cases which reduce the risk , low level of false positives, ease of implementation, and applicability to the clients industry and environment. The selected uses cases define the client systems monitored by the MDR service.

  • Detect – Leverages the MITRE ATT&CK framework, threat intelligence, and custom security content to analyze and correlate logs to detect cyber security events. MSS leverages Splunk’s risk-based alerting framework to produce high value alerts on detected security events.

  • Respond – MSS consultants investigate detections, develops response recommendations, and manages security response activities in coordination with the client. Where implemented, SOAR technology can be leveraged to automate security event response.