Splunk is a remarkably powerful and versatile platform—one that has redefined how thousands of businesses leverage data to enable growth, make better decisions, build smarter processes, and manage risk. 

bitsIO has helped companies of every size, type, and technology skip the learning curve and get a fast track to Splunk ROI. We give the world's IT departments a reliable and cost-effective path to value with Splunk.

bitsIO is focused on delivering ROI and ensuring full adoption of Splunk for your end user while providing a full feedback loop to your organization. By partnering with bitsIO, your company will have the inside track on next steps, best practices, and industry leading sales support.

With one of the largest dedicated full-time benches in North America and more than 250 successful implementations of Splunk, bitsIO understands how important B2B partnerships can be. Why else would Splunk name us their 2020 Professional Services Partner of the Year?

Nonprofits often have the same technological needs as private institutions, however, they are often restricted by resources and funding available to them. Splunk for Good provides Splunk solutions to allow nonprofit organizations transform data into strategic assets. bitsIO is here to provide access to Splunk resources that can transform the face of data analysis.

Committed to the community, bitsIO has special offerings for nonprofit organizations. While Splunk provides the license to nonprofits, bitsIO helps you to set up, use, and maintain these solutions in their optimized state.

With open network architectures, millions of users, and many regulatory requirements and standards, educational institutions are vulnerable to security threats. With the ability to pull data from any source, Splunk can gather data and identify problems and risks and increase security to protect personally identifiable information.

bitsIO can help your institution gather data from student registration systems, learning management systems, web servers, mobile and online learning applications, and many other sources to enable end-to-end situational awareness. 

In an industry with ever changing variables, Splunk is the real-time analytics platform to help you answer questions as they evolve. Today, data drives every decision and is a key indicator to solving critical issues for yourself and your customers. 

The bitsIO team can help you optimize your Splunk environment and use it extensively for security, fraud detection and prevention, analyzing transactions, and many other strategies. Splunk can help you achieve greater efficiencies in your environment and our Splunk experts can show you how it all comes together!

Healthcare systems and providers are constantly working with ever changing demands to ensure they are delivering high value care. Splunk provides data analytics and security while providing insights to support different initiatives. 

bitsIO can help you improve the patient experience, protect patient records, and secure your threat landscape. In an industry working with large sets of data that are constantly changing, you need a team that can keep up with changing variables. Our Splunk experts will be there with you every step of the way allowing you to provide better access to information to patients, payers, and providers.

What They Say About Us


Having a partner like Bitsio is so valuable to me – you are an asset to Splunk and to our Customers. Each one of you always follows through and does excellent work, I am so thankful I get to work with you guys.



Senior Manager at Splunk


I’ve worked with many different Splunk PS teams/firms, many who have been partner of the year firms, but none of those engagements came close to working with bitsIO. I would recommend them to anyone looking for PS support on any Splunk need.


Sr Security Analyst at Tech Company


bitsIO took our business requirements for integration and went off and built the necessary integration and dashboards without having to be micro-managed. We were able to focus on our business and they focused on integrating our business with Splunk. “Problem Solved”.  call bitsIO!!

CEO at an IoT Company