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Specializing in Splunk Professional Services

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Our Key Splunk Consulting Services focus on providing Splunk Professional Services for customers:

Splunk Administration

Our team can take the stress of maintaining your Splunk environment away whether it be upgrading Splunk, On-Boarding new data sources, or configuring Forwarders to provide a fully optimized and efficient Splunk environment. We deploy and manage the health of some of the most complex and innovative Splunk environments in the world.

Splunk Architecture

Our team has gained the technical expertise from, designing and deploying 100’s of Enterprise Splunk environments to provide the highest industry standards for best practices when designing and implementing Splunk environments to be prepared to scale efficiently and effectively without fail.

Use Case Development

Having developed custom use cases for many of the fortune 100 companies in today’s market we have the privilege of leveraging our library of executed solutions to help customers identify and prioritize the best strategies available to reach their desired business outcomes. Whether it be solving an internal issue or a industry wide challenge our consultants have unrivaled technical expertise and will work with you to provide an end to end solution.