Watch Aleem Cummins, our VP EMEA and SplunkTrust MVP, share his passion and energy for .conf22 and the Splunk Community

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The bitsIO .conf22 Team


Kalpana Krishnamurthi, CEO and Co-Founder

Kalpana has over 20 years of experience in delivering IT-based solutions for customer success. She earned her Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering, an MBA, and is Harvard certified in Cyber Security: Managing Risk in the information age. She is an advocate for education and workforce development. She is involved in the community on advisory panels and as a guest speaker at cohorts for young entrepreneurs.

Kalpana is a parent of two teenage boys and a cute labradoodle. She loves to go on walks and hugs her indoor plants.


Suman Gajavelly, CTO and Co-Founder

Suman is the CTO and Co-Founder of bitsIO. He has 20 years of experience within the IT sector with focus on Splunk Solutions. Suman is recognized as an expert at providing Splunk solutions for customers and acting as a security advisor on issues related to people, policy, processes and technology surrounding security engagements while also supporting customers in their risk and threat mitigation solutions. Suman supports the team with his ability to motivate and collaborate with technical teams in order to deliver effective solutions that exceed customer expectations.


Scott Gray, Senior VP Services

Scott has vast experience in the Customer Success and Professional Services field in his career. With more than three decades of leadership experience delivering technical services, Scott specializes in developing, building and growing Customer Success and Professional Services teams.


Aleem Cummins, VP EMEA

Aleem, based in London, UK has been involved in technology and services for more than 20 years and has been at the forefront of the Splunk ecosystem and community for 10 years. He is very well known and respected globally for his unflinching commitment to and outcomes for Splunk customers, Splunk partners , and the Splunk community. Aleem is a member of SplunkTrust MVP and a regular speaker and contributor for organisational and community enablement around the world.

Aleem and Fem have three young children and cherish their family time.


Gregg Sullivan, Director of Technology and Operations

Gregg has been in the IT field for 10 years. He began working at a Help Desk and moved on as a Network Engineer and Security Network Engineer. Gregg started working as a Splunk Consultant in 2015 and has helped a variety of customers from Fortune 50 companies to midcap with their Splunk Journey. Gregg now leads a team of engineers to do the same.
Gregg is an avid world traveler and loves to ski. Although he is a fan of all sports, Gregg is a hardcore Steelers fan.

Paul Stout, MSP Principal - Infrastructure and Observability

Paul began his career building web-based ETL tools for the US Air Force in 2003 essentially automating 40-person-hours per week in manual processes and started working with Splunk in 2011. He brings 32 years of development experience plus marketing, Splunk consulting, data strategy, design, product development, and entrepreneurial experience to design and deliver bitsIO’s next generation of managed services. Paul has Splunked almost everything you can imagine including IT infrastructure, business applications, IoT sensors, power transformers, a pretty sick Corvette, his own body, health records, and has a knack for explaining the value of Splunk across all levels of the business. He's responsible for 6 published Splunkbase apps including several cloud connectors and one pretty cool WebGL Globe. When not Splunking stuff, Paul is an amateur chef, an electronic music producer and DJ, and a practicing wushu artist.


Alex Teixeira - Senior Security Architect

Alex has almost 20 years of experience in Cyber Defense (from Hardening, to Detection). He is also Splunk's Top Professional Services (PS) Sales contributor FY'16. Keep your eyes out for Alex and the rest of bitsIO's team at Splunk .conf22 and say hi! We'd love to connect and chat in person at the conference.


Matthew Feeley, Senior Splunk Consultant

Matt's career started as an engineer working for the department of defense helping develop and test applications relating to security. He switched over to Splunk at the start of 2017. From here he's performed countless Splunk engagements on large scale environments (Terabytes) from weeks to months at a time with consistently good feedback on his work. He has experience in a variety of engagements over the years that have included upgrades, server migrations, proof of concepts, Splunk cloud, data migration from on-prem to cloud, health checks, multi-site clustering (SHC and IDX), auditing existing data creating over 181 unique use cases with search queries, add-on creations accounting for CIM compliance that are currently available on, SEIM replacements, and ES premium app installations.
The field he excels in most is ES engagements. Uni-forming data for CIM compliance,  eveloping/implementing custom correlation searches and creating sequenced events, developing custom threat feeds with workflow actions meant for investigation, modifications of the out of the
box dashboards and roles.


Hans Maldonado, Senior Splunk Engineer

Hans Maldonado is a Senior Splunk Engineer at bitsIO, with nearly 5 years of working with Splunk every day. Hans implements Splunk Core, ITSI, and ES.
Other than IT, Hans loves discussing fine food and beverage, and he is the proud father of a nearly 5 year old boy.


Logan Carter, Splunk Consultant

Logan's career started working in the defense section for a global aerospace organizations managing a small Splunk deployment. Since joining bitsIO, Logan has been involved in several Splunk PS engagements that include large medical organizations to improve PHI security and several midsize organizations with Splunk upgrades and building out knowledge objects to improve data observability. He is currently expected to graduate this December with his Masters in Management of Information Systems and wants to continue his education by becoming AWS certified and a subject matter expert for Splunk ITSI. When he's not working you can find him building furniture, working on cars or flipping his house. He always has something to do and work hard towards achieving his goals.